Are advertisements changing the way we think?

“Today, ideas and content must flow furiously at a pulse rate that the digital landscape demands,” said Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, at the 2014 Edelman Academic Summit. “But that quickening doesn’t obviate some basic truths,” he added. “We must never lose sight of the importance that quality storytelling and a journalistic mindset have in an ecosystem where there is simply too much content and not enough time. “

I have to start with mentioning my favorite ad campaign of all time. The EXTRA gum commercial. With the help of advertisement, companies have the power to show a story that will make the world can’t help but fall in love (no pun intended) with their products and in the end, buy them.

In this speech, Edelman talks about skills and knowledge that one needs to be successful in public relations today. He says that PR nowadays needs to work in a way that the public feels like they are being presented something that will change the world in a positive way. An example that he uses is how CVS stopped selling tobacco. I personally like this kind of PR because not only is the company doing something for the health of humankind but also because it can help other companies think about the choices they are making and how these choices affect the world.

Seeing this example made me think of how I thought PR and advertisement really worked. I always thought that companies had their meetings with PR firms and came up with interesting ways of making people buy their product. But actually learning that some PR firms actually think how one of the commercials or ad campaigns they make may affect society made the way I think of PR change in a positive aspect.

After reading the article 12 Industry Leaders’ Insights on Advertising in 2016, Edelman’s speech clicked on me. Edelman says that there are two types of showing a story: and emotional way and a rational way. After reading the article and seeing that the majority of the leaders say that advertising is some sort of storytelling, I agree with both the sources that anyone can create or show a story online, but that not everyone can do it the right way, which is why we need advertisers and PR firms to help us portray the story.

We, all human beings are emotional, which is why I agree with Edelman that advertising should be about sharing emotions. Going back to the EXTRA gum commercial, I like this commercial because they are not only trying to sell their gum but also show the viewers how beautiful falling in love really is. They are selling their gum with a positive message.

I consider myself to be a creative person. Through my blog and my Instagram, I strive to show the world how much I love challenging myself in a creative way. After reading these two articles I have to admit that I might like advertising a little bit more. I love seeing commercials and ads that show the passion a person has for their work; I love seeing the results of hard work and intense creativity.

Thank you for reading!


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