What can I do to change this?

Graphic design has always been interesting to me. I love watching people create for different types of settings. The fact that a person can take pictures and then edit it to be something extremely different, or design something that they thought of amazes me. After Justin Kemerling’s (designer and collaborator) talked to our Journalism class last April 4, 2016, I felt really different from the way I felt for not knowing how to use “adobe” or any other graphic design app.

In this talk he spoke about what goes through my mind all the time, “I am not good enough doing this or doing that” and the fact that he started working without knowing much and that he still sometimes feel lost makes me wonder: are we ever good enough.

In one of his panel discussions called “Design Plus Social Justice,” he talks about how he has used graphic design in making significant changes; how graphic design can work with social justice to change our environment, our communities.

I have to start by saying how inspired I am by reading Justin’s plans and work. It is truly amazing to read and listen to someone who gives everything they have to help change the world. I agree with him that we need to come together and fight for things that matter.  I feel that most of the time we are blinded and do not want to see or accept the truth.

“Design intentionally communicates to a particular audience,” he said. ” It starts from a problem, presents solutions, and finds opportunities. It looks at the every day differently and tells a compelling story,” he added. ” When it’s done well, graphic design breaks it down and shouts it out loud.”

I like that he uses graphic design as a medium to show people the problems in our society. I believe that this type of communication is one of the best ways to show problems because one can see an actual representation of the issue. I have to admit that I have always seen graphic design as a work that is used to show a product, not one that shows a deep message. But after reading this article I feel enlightened and happy because it is not only like that.

It is sad to see that not a lot of people that have the tools to change the world use it. But I am glad to see that Justin is. It is invigorating.

After reading that article and reflecting on the talk he did in our class it makes me become aware that what matters is not if I am the best journalist or the best graphic designer, but, what I do with it, how I make an impact  with it. And even though I am still studying and have a long road ahead, I cannot help but ask myself “Am I doing something about that? What am I doing for my community? How can I help people with Journalism? How can I do more with Journalism? What else can I incorporate?”

Thank you for reading!



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