Why is measurement good?

Before this class, I knew nothing about measurements. I find it really interesting how we can make a plan to improve our social media. After our talk with Randa Zalman of Redstone and Austin Gaule from Universal Information Services, I learned a lot about the importance of measurement and how good it is. I will talk about two things that intrigued me and I will look into the International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication (AMEC) website.

According to AMEC measurement is “the action of measuring something; ascertaining the size, amount, or degree of something by using an instrument or device; assessing the importance, effect, or value of something.”

An important factor of measuring is the PESO Model (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) which is really important in the public relations world.

  1. PESO Model
  • Paid Media: letting companies put their advertisements in your social media in order to gain money.
  • Earned Media: publicity. This is getting your name out there. Two of the examples used by Austin were: media relations and blogger relations.
  • Shared Media: sharing ideas in different platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Owned Media: this is the content; this is everything one owns and makes their platform unique.

Setting a Keep Performance Indicator (KPI) is also really important. With this, one can reflect on the goals they need to set in order to see achievements, and eventually check their results over the months and know if what they are doing is helping their social media or not.

I learned that it is important to understand the PESO model and setting a KPI because it helps to establish control over social media. I really liked this talk because I learned a lot about social media that I did not know before. It is really interesting learning how you can make your platform succeed in a world where there is a lot of competition.

I also learned a lot of measurement with the AMEC website. I really liked how the home page has their last news, social media, upcoming events and educating documents. Also, the design is simple and I believe that because of this it is easier to find things which is always a plus. They are doing a really good job by letting others know about their association and what you can learn from it.

Thank you for reading!


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