Oh, Instagram I Love You So


I love this platform because it is a way of sharing how creative we are. You can share pictures, designs, videos, and a lot more cool things. I also like it because I can follow all of my favorite fashion bloggers and see all their pictures in just one place; I can get inspiration for an outfit, hairstyle or makeup from here. I also like following fashion magazines, fashion stores, home decor and photography accounts.

But, for this week’s blog we had to look into a different side of Instagram; its business side. Like I said, I mostly use Instagram to follow fashion, so I do not really know about the other brands there are in it; apart from the mentioned before, so, I decided to check one of the ones that I do not know about.



Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 5.26.56 PM.png
Taken from WeWork’s Instagram

According to blogger Lindsay Kolowich, WeWork does an amazing job at taking pictures of places and making the followers want to be in those places; where one could just lay there enjoying a coffee while doing work on their laptops. I could not agree more with Lindsay. I love this page. The way their page looks, and how beautiful their pictures are made me follow them.


I think that this brand is effective because they take time into making sure their profile looks good; and let me tell you, it DOES. It is so aesthetically pleasing, I cannot stop looking at it; I wish my profile looked like this. The way they edit their pictures, the lighting, the setup; everything is perfect.

From this account, I can learn that it is really important to make your Instagram your own; none of the other accounts I follow look like this. The quality of your pictures is really important as well; as well as what you take pictures of and how you take them. They know how to catch the attention of the followers because they show their essence, they know who they are and they are not afraid to show it. They know the purpose of their pictures; they know what they want the world to see, and they show it beautifully.

As for now, I use my Instagram to share moments of my life that I have with the people I love; I do not use it for a business purpose. If I do want to make my Instagram more professional I think I would rather start a new one rather than change the one I have right now, because I like where it is.

Thank you for reading!


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