How to use social media successfully

Humane Society is a company that takes care of animals who do not have a home, and it helps to introduce the animals to their new loving family. Their mission is great, and with that comes an amazing social media to back it up. In class, we learned about Humane Society’s social media with Elizabeth Hilpipre. Elizabeth is the Development and Communications Specialist at Nebraska Humane Society. In today’s blog, I will talk about what strikes me about what she does in order to be successful in social media.



Nebraska Humane Society uses social media to raise awareness; they want to teach people about their company and with that attract donators and people to adopt pets. They do this by sharing real life stories, when a pet comes in and they want to introduce them to their followers, they ask others for help, about what the audience would like to see on their page, and while doing all of this they like to have fun.


One thing that I learned that strikes me about their Facebook is that if they post a video directly on their Facebook, and not a link from YouTube, it is more effective. Also, I found really interesting that if videos are longer than 30 seconds there is a big chance that not a lot of people will see them. On top of that, it is really important the content they put out because the more it is shared, the more it reaches other people and that leads to more people reading later posts.

I really liked when she talked about how to make a viral post; by not wanting to make a viral post. Nowadays, people tend to do stuff to get viral but, in their case, when they do not try to make a viral post, they get one. An example is Gage, the sheep wearing a Christmas sweater.

I found shocking how much time Elizabeth spends checking analytics. In order to know what to post and what not to post according to the results they get, she needs to check analytics. With this, she checks if a post was successful or not and learns what to do in order to have positive outcomes. She also said that in order to use data successfully one should think of paying for some content. An example she used is of events; when she posts events on their timeline not a lot of people react to it so it is really hard to know how many people are attending the event, but, if she makes an event page it is effective because that way she can know exactly how many people are attending and it gets more positive feedback. She said that by doing this it increases their activity by 200 percent.

I learned a lot about social media that I did not know before, but the best piece of advice that she told us is, one that my parents always tell me, that we should treat others how we want to be treated. It does not matter how bad a person is to you, you should never  react the same way because you will not get anything positive from it.

Thank you for reading!

Because I talked about Humane Society here are some pictures of cute cats. You are welcome.





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