Dealing with loss

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy, and having someone else write about that is not always helpful. However, this is not the case with Tom Friend’s “Dear Nate” article for ESPN, which talks about the life of Nate Fleming, a young basketball player that studied at Oklahoma State University (OSU), who lost his life after an airplane crash on Jan. 27, 2001.

gallagher-iba-arena-inside-january-22-2005I have to start by expressing how much I loved reading this. The way it was written, how raw and emotional it was,  it felt like I was there with him in every situation. He showed a side that is difficult to see in a lot of journalists. He talks about Nate’s basketball journey at OSU and does an amazing job at interviewing Nate’s parents and sharing a beautiful and nostalgic story that keeps his legacy alive.

It is obvious that Friend did an outstanding job at writing it and taking the time to make it memorable. Little details like the letters Zane Fleming, Nate’s dad, wrote to his son, made the story more personal and moving. I love reading pieces that show the passion of the writer, and this is no exception. While reading this story I kept remembering about Diana Sugg’s story “Learning how to say goodbye,” an amazing story that, in my opinion, will make anyone cry.

In Friend’s story there is not a real nut graf, however, with the first paragraphs, one can tell that the story is about grief and loss. I think that he did an amazing job at keeping the reader hooked because he wrote this story with detail and emotion. Friend shares Nate’s story wonderfully; he shows how Nate loved his family and cared about others, how determined he was and how he accepted his mistakes and always apologized for them.

I really liked reading this story because he did not make it completely about sadness and grieve; he also talks about the good things about Nate’s life. In this story, Friend shows that it is hard to lose someone, but he also shows that the memories we keep of our loved ones will make them live forever in our hearts. With this story, he shows that not everything is lost when we lose someone and that sometimes just talking about it will make it easier. This story reminded me how important it is to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us because we will never know when will be the last time that we will see them.

Thank you for reading!

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