“Who’s the coolest person in the world?”

After reading “Susan Orlean and the American man, age 10” by Manjula Martin for the Nieman foundation at Harvard I have come to the conclusion that 10-year-olds are susan_orlean_2011hilarious. This article talks about the article that Orlean wrote for Esquire in 1992 about Colin Duffy called “The American Man, Age 10.” It has annotations of Orlean and Martin about the article which help relive an amazing story.

“If Colin Duffy and I were to get married, we would have matching superhero notebooks.”

What this story is about is said loud and clear at the beginning of the story; how Orlean interviewed a 10-year-old boy named Colin Duffy. This article shows annotations of Orlean’s story. Her article starts by describing how her married life would be with Colin, funny, and then it describes Colin and his family. The article is amazingly written and keeps the reader hooked until the end. The annotations are really good, and they clarify a lot. It is interesting reading about why Orlean decided to write something a certain way and the meaning behind some things.

I LOVED this article. It is funny, interesting, raw and quirky. Orlean did an outstanding job with that article. She shows how interesting the life and mind of a 10-year-old boy can be. This article reminded me a lot of my youngest brother and it made me really happy. It is amazing how kids see the world, this article has opened my eyes. I have forgotten about how I used to think, how imaginative and loving I used to be. This article has shown me how we grow up to only think about how successful we need to be in life instead of how we should live life successfully. We grow up to lose ourselves.

“Girls are different,” Colin said. He hopped up and down on the balls of his feet, wrinkling his nose. “Girls are stupid and weird.”

So, who is the coolest person in the world? 10-year-olds of course, and Orlean for writing this article.

Thank you for reading!


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