Why I love aquariums and you should too

img_9256*sigh* Aquariums *sigh*

I still remember the first time I went to an aquarium and how much I loved being there surrounded by sea animals. I do not have an exact reason to why I love aquariums this much. I guess it is how calm and at peace I feel whenever I am in one; even though there are terrifying sharks in them that could eat me if the glass breaks. So, when I learned that the Henry Doorly Zoo has an aquarium I have been going there every time I feel stressed or worried.

The Henry Doorly Zoo aquarium opened in April of 2012 and has made aquarium lovers, like me, happy ever since. The aquarium has over 17,000 animals and 962 species. There are different activities that you can do inside of it like the tide pool touch tank. In the next blog, I will talk about 5 things I love about the Henry Doorly Zoo aquarium and you should too.

  1. Jellyfishes: I mean, come on. Jellyfishes are gorgeous. This is my favorite corner to go to at the Henry Doorly Zoo’s aquarium. I love how calmly and slow the jellyfishes move; as if they were alone and there are not 50 people taking pictures of them. Their colors are vibrant and beautiful, and all of them have little quirky things that make them stand out.screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-7-20-36-pm
  2. Colorful corals: When I learned that they work with Caribbean corals I got really excited and proud that they work with a place so close to home. The aquarium features a dozen species of reef fish along with coral endemic to the area. Whenever I see the corals I feel that I am in a movie. It is amazing how colorful the ocean is, and the fact that the aquarium gives us the opportunity to see all these pretty living things is a gift. The aquarium also has a kids coral reef area where the little ones can learn about these beautiful invertebrates.11013096_803003206401949_7393097023079374541_n
  3. Penguins! Penguins everywhere!: these cuties steal my heart every time I visit the aquarium. According to their website, there are approximately 85 penguins and some of them can be as tall as 5-year-olds. Looking at them swimming around and eating fish makes my heart warm, and every time that I see the baby penguins it reminds me of Mumble from Happy Feet. So darn cute. This is also a fun area for kids.
  4. Touch tank: The aquarium has a 500 gallon Touch Tank that has urchins, starfishes and anemones. This area is a kids favorite; they always fight each other to have a chance to touch them. It is really fun to touch the animals and learning about how the live in a fun way.
  5. Gift Shop: is there something better than the aquarium? not really, but the aquarium gift shop comes close. After looking at all the aquatic animals that reside in the aquarium the best thing to do is to buy all of the plushies, cups and keychains.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Henry Doorly Zoo aquarium and why I love it.

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Open daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Building exhibits stay open until 5 p.m.  Now through March 14. Closed Christmas Day.

Thank you for reading!

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