How to be a Succesful Entrepreneurial Journalist


For this week’s blog, we had to read a short piece by Carlo de Marchis, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at deltatre and media strategist, about the changes in the media landscape that affect all of us today. It talks about how media has changed over the past few years and how it is going to keep changing no matter what. I will be talking a little bit about what I think about his piece and what I like and what scares me about journalism entrepreneurship. Enjoy.

He starts by listing the three disruptions that are critical for the future of media, These are:

  1. The disruption of media consumption.


He says, “in few years we have gone from a TV centric landscape to a multidimensional, multi-platform, multichannel and much more fragmented scenario in which users (viewers) have an incredible array of possibilities to discover and consume content,” which I could not have agreed more. When I was younger, my brothers and I were all about coming back home from school to watch the latest episode of our favorite cartoons. But as we grew up, and media changed,  we forgot about the existence of the television and we immersed ourselves into the amazing world of laptops, phones and tablets. After that, I even stopped reading physical things because I did not have to anymore. Media has changed so much that the only thing we need today is a computer with wireless connection and we are ready to go.

2. The disruption of media communication.

Nowadays everything you see in social media is bloggers and celebrities uploading pictures of products so their followers can see that they “like” them and, ultimately, buy them. de Marchis says that: “they all want to own the conversation with the audience and monetize it,” which is both sad and true. Bloggers that I have been following for years have pretty much changed their Instagrams into online stores. However, after reading this piece I realized that they are doing this because it is another way to get paid.

3. The disruption of media production.

I think that this is the disruption that I liked the most. With the evolution of technology and media, there are a million new ways to create and share content. As he says, this opens doors to create content faster and easier. Before having a computer it was really hard for me to develop ideas. But now that I do, I just have to think of something and start typing.

After reading about the three disruptions in his piece I realized that to have a successful business the three have to be implemented together. As he says, this means more ways to consume, more sources and more variety of content. Also, it is interesting to see how this not only works with journalism but with every business.

After reading his piece, I am more calm about jumping into the world of journalism entrepreneurship. At first, I was terrified of taking this class, but now that I have read this piece and the first chapter of “Entrepreneurial Journalism” by Mark Briggs (by the way his page is fascinating) I feel more at ease. There is a lot more to learn, but I am excited to see what we get into this class.

Thank you for reading!


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