How To Use Kickstarter Successfully​

Let’s talk about raising money. Over the years a lot of new ways to make or raise IMG_7975money have been created, one of them being Kickstarter. For those of you who do not know what Kickstarter is, it is a website that helps creators to raise money for a new project or a good cause. It was created in 2009, and since then they have raised over a billion dollars. Amazing, huh? A lot of people have used it; some of them have found success, while others have not. In this blog, I will be talking about what a Kickstarter must have to be successful with some interesting examples. Enjoy!

Why use Kickstarter and not just ask a friend or family for money? Well, with Kickstarter everyone has the opportunity to share a campaign with more people and then have those people share it and so on; with Kickstarter you have a bigger audience. Yancey Strickler says that Kickstarter is “a way to break beyond the traditional methods — loans, investment, industry deals, grants — to discover that we can offer each other value through creation without a middleman dictating the product and terms.”

IMG_0002A lot of people get lucky and are successful. One of the most, or the most, successful Kickstarter campaign is the Coolest Cooler by Ryan Grepper. He created a cooler that has a speaker, charger and a blender (!!!!). Why did it work? Because he came up with a unique and exciting idea and knew how to sell it. First, he created a funny and informing video. Second, he came up with an eye-catching catchphrase; “COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that’s Actually Cooler” (I mean, common!!). And third, he does a fantastic job at describing the product and why the audience needs it.

However, not everyone is as successful. A Kickstarter that did not make it out there was MudTails by Sharon Martinez. Why did it not work? Well… the headline is not compelling “MudTails: Fun and educational apparel.” The video is not that fun or exciting and, the designs for the t-shirts are not ones that make you go “TAKE MY MONEY!!”

So, how do we use Kickstarter successfully?

  1. Come up with a really really really good idea that nobody has used. If the idea has been used find a way to make it better.
  2. When you have that idea, come up with an intelligent and eye-catching headline, so people click on the campaign.
  3. Make a kick-ass video that sells the product.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, share the heck out of the campaign.

With these steps, I think that a Kickstarter campaign can be successful.

If you want more tips you can check this page.

Thank you for reading!

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