How to be a good journalist

IMG_9098“It’s time, Robby! It’s time!”

Let’s talk about Spotlight. Spotlight is a 2015 movie starring: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, John Slattery, and more. The movie is about The Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team and its investigation into cases about child sex abuse in the Boston area by several Roman Catholic priests. Now you might be thinking, “why the heck is Virginia going to talk about this movie?” or “is she going to talk about religion?” and the answer to both of those questions are: I am talking about it because I liked it, and no, I won’t be talking about religion on this post, or in any other post.

I LOVE journalism movies so when I heard that we were going to watch this movie in class I knew I was going to like it just because of that. The movie is beautifully shot and it shows the lives of journalists, which always makes me think about my future. Now, I won’t be talking about why the movie is good or the technical things about it; I will talk about the journalists and why I liked them.

  1. PASSION!!!!! Like I mentioned in a previous blog, journalists tend to be seen as cold-hearted monsters that do not care about other people. However, this movie shows that some journalists are not like this. The movie shows that they are passionate about what they are doing, that they never stop working, not even on their free IMG_8577time, and that they want the whole truth to come out.
  2. Never give up. Ruffalo’s character was one insistent mother f*cker, and I loved that. He never took no for an answer and worked as hard as he could to get what he wanted. His character reminded me that a lot of people will tell me “I don’t have time to talk about that” or “I can’t talk about that,” but I should never give up because of that. I, we all, have to insist on what we want and never give up on something because someone says “no thank you.”IMG_2582
  3. Just because a story may offend some people it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t publish it. In the movie, the story was about the church, which is always a touchy subject. However, if they had dropped it, they would not have shown everyone what was happening there. I have always been a firm believer of telling the truth, and even more if it affects a lot of people.

After watching the movie, “I have realized again that we should not give up if something is hard. We should not stop doing something because we are scared of the results. That sometimes all we need is reassurance that everything we are doing its ok. That sometimes we have to give everything we have to get the best result. That our voices do matter. That everyone has something in common. And as hard as a story can be to write, the results are always compensating. As sad as the case was in this story, it still brought up together a lot of people that had or were going through the same situation, and others that did not. ” – Virginia of the past.

Thank you for reading!

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