What is My Magic Power?

IMG_9229For a class assignment we had to think about our magic power; what makes us unique and stand out, which for me it is really hard to think about because I do not really think about what makes me stand out (who am I kidding, I only think about myself) (LOL) (jk). Anyways, this is a fun exercise from the chapter that I talked about in my last blog about freelancing, that helps everyone figure out what makes us different than others. So, in this blog, I am going to talk about what makes me unique and what I believe that I  have that a lot of people do not.

Why would an employer reach out and choose me instead of someone else?

I am a hard worker. I know, I know, a lot of people claim that they are “hard workers,” but in the end, they are not. Now, I am not about “tell and do not show.” For me being a hard worker is easy because I was raised by two hard-working parents and I have a lot of qualities that help me be a hard working person. Some of those qualities are:

  1. Determination and curiosity. I am putting these two together because I believe that IMG_0330they go hand in hand. Determination: I set my mind on something and I will never stop until I get it. Curiosity: I believe that it is always nice to ask questions about things that I am interested in. I do not believe that what killed the cat was curiosity, but what killed him was not being determined about it.
  2. Organization. I like to believe that I am the best at organizing. I cannot work if I do not make an outline about a project. I also have to plan my schedule in an organized way as well, if not I cannot work efficiently and this leads to being lazy and procrastination. I am also organized in the sense of having a clean space, and a clean mind when going into a new project, or working in general.
  3. Motivation. When I start working on a new project, I am always motivated, and even when I am working on something that I have worked for some time I like to maintain myself motivated. Sometimes, like everyone, I get stuck in a rut, but it is easy for me to get out of it because I start looking for ideas online, in magazines or in books and get back at it fresh and new.

Why choose me?

IMG_6458Well, I am not only a hard worker, but I love learning new things, I am a good listener, I am committed, and I am always intrigued by new ideas. I can work under pressure, I am not intimidated by work, I can work with others and I am always open to challenge myself. If that is not enough, I am fluent in Spanish, English and getting there with French. Also, I am from another country, which means that I look at things differently. Also, I do not give up easily.

And that is it! for now anyway.🤪

Thank you for reading!



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