Last Goodbye


We laughed, we stressed about elevator pitches, and we ate pie, it is that time of the semester when I have to say goodbye to another amazing Journalism class.*sniff sniff* So, of course, we have to go back and reminisce about all the amazing things I learned this semester.

  1. I learned about entrepreneurial journalism. To learn a little bit more about this we had to read a short piece by Carlo de Marchis, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Deltatre and media strategist. After reading that piece I learned how easy it is to be an entrepreneurial journalist because of three things. These three things are the disruption of media consumption, the disruption of media communication and the disruption of media production. If you implement these three together it is really easy to become an entrepreneurial journalist! for more read my blog about entrepreneurial journalism here.
  2. I learned about the lean start-up plan, and I got to learn how my father implements 1522149_10201486303277790_612470584637037939_nit with his company. I asked him if he used the Lean Start-up plan, and he told me that it did not exist 28 years ago. However, he started using it once he learned about it. He says that the lean start-up plan is his favorite one. He says he likes to motivate his clients with new things, see their reactions, the results they get and their satisfaction.
  3. I learned how to do elevator pitches IMG_6893successfully! Doing an elevator pitch made me realize that presentations are not that bad if you give them time. It also taught me that I will never create a product for the sole purpose of not wanting to do an elevator pitch ever again. (if you want to learn how to read this blog post)
  4. I learned how to create a successful business in college. It is tough to come up with a business, and it is even harder developing it. Sometimes we may think that our ideas are good, but this is not always the case. We have to think about the market, the cause and what makes a company stand out. And we have to always, always remember that just because our idea sounds good in our head, it might not be that cool once you start developing it.
  5. I learned about freelancing. To learn what I learned, read this blog post.
  6. And last, but not least, the most important thing I learned is how much I love taking Journalism classes.

I can never thank Dr. Z enough for all the amazing classes and funny times. Thank you for another clase estupenda!

Until next time!

P.S. the only thing that would make this class better is having more pies.



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