How I Have Kept My New Year’s Resolution

Anyone that knows Virginia knows that Virginia loves her some shopping. So when IMG_7942Virginia decided to stop shopping for her new year’s resolution, Virginia’s friends and family were shook (ok Virginia, we get it). So, when I told everyone that my new year’s resolution was to stop shopping for things that I do not need, not one. single. person. believed that I could do it (I mean, neither did I, I love shopping). However, I have proved everyone wrong, even myself, and now for three months and 13 days and many hours and minutes and seconds I have not shopped ONE SINGLE CLOTHING ITEM (*sniff*). So, this is why I wanted to write this blog, so you, lovely people, learn how I have kept my new year’s resolution (because let’s be honest, nobody continues their resolution after January).

  1. I have unsubscribed from every single mailing list. The first thing that I did when I decided to stop shopping was unsubscribing from the emails that the clothing stores send, and this is the best decision that I have ever taken. I always tended to buy things because I got emails saying “oh em gee remember those shoes you loved but they were 500000$?! NOW THEY ARE 50$ !!!” and I caved. Every. Single. Time. Now that I am not subscribed I do not know when stores are having sales, so I never buy anything.
  • I have stopped visiting the stores. Unsubscribing from the mailing lists is easy, the hardest thing is restraining oneself from visiting the stores (online and in person).
  • I realized that I do not need to buy more clothes (for now anyway). Here is the thing…. all my clothes are here with me at uni (heh), and, let’s be real, dorm closets are tiny (I mean, I have taken two closets in my apartment, and it is not enough).
  • IMG_1182I also realized that I can save a lot of money if I do not spend money on clothes that I do not need (right now). And you know how I can spend this money that I have saved? BUYING FOOD. (ok let’s get back on track)
  • DETERMINATION!!! I believe that this is the most important thing that I can tell you. You could do everything that I am doing, but nothing will change if you are not determined. These things work for me because I am determined in not buying clothes that I do not need (and I am determined in proving my father wrong too) (LOL). My parents always taught me that I can get anything that I want if I work hard for it and if I am determined in getting it, so this has helped a lot in my journey of not buying clothes.


And there you go! Those are some of the things that have helped me keep my new year’s resolution. Of course, there are more, but I cannot remember all of them right now… If I do, I will make another blog post about following resolutions!

Until next time!




(HA, I wrote before graduating!!!)



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