Let’s Catch Up! pt. 2

Well, hello there, or should I say, salut mes amis! I am back for another catch-up session! I am finally done with this semester! (well, almost. Truth is, it is currently finals week and I am writing this blog because I do not want to work on my projects) Anyways… I wanted to talk to you guys about what I have been up to in the last weeks.

  1. IMG_4770J’ai fini tous mes cours! and my French is just lovely, isn’t it? I am finally done! I cannot believe how fast everything happened, and I definitely cannot believe that I am finally graduating!!!! (who is crying? I am not crying… ha ha ) Even though I am happy to be done with college (well, almost) I have been feeling really bittersweet. I am going to miss taking Journalism and French classes. However, I am not going to miss stressing about homework, and then choosing to watch telenovelas instead of doing my homework, and then stressing because I decided to watch telenovelas instead of doing my homework (I have been watching sin senos si hay paraiso, so good, so dramatic)
  2. I have been to more museums, shocker. Here are some pics!

The grasshopper and the ant

catchingup 3. I am not cooking as much as the last time that I told you that I was cooking a lot. Truth is, I have been really busy (truth is, I am lazier than ever and do not feel like cooking). However, that does not mean that I stopped enjoying to cook, no no no, I love it. I just have to get out of this rut (that is what I tell myself anyway)

4. I have been looking for jobs! and in the middle of looking for jobs, I had an existential crisis! HAHA, so I decided to stop looking for jobs.

5.  My bitmoji still looks cute af.


I mean, just look at it. The cutest.

And that is it!!!! I just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive after all the projects, presentations and papers that I have had to do this semester. It is interesting to see that not much has changed since my last “Let’s Catch-up” blog. Well, something that changed is that I am actually excited to finally be done with college because I am just done with homework. I. NEED. A. BREAK. and a glass of wine.

Talk to you soon!





p.s. look at that, I posted twice before graduating.



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