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This week I thought of sharing 22 things that I have learned in the 22 years that I have lived on this earth. I thought that it would be perfect to share this list now because I am well into my 22 years of age, (and because I did not think of it before) (my gosh, I am getting old) and I have learned a lot of important things this year alone that I believe you should know about. Also, it is better if I do it now that I remember because I probably won’t in the future. Enough rambling, here is the list that all of you never thought you needed in your life.

  1. Absolutely nothing is as hard as we think it is. I am the type of person that when I get several projects or tasks together I freak the f*ck out because I always believe that I will never finish them in time. However, I have learned that if I just start on them, in a matter of time they will all be finished and then I will look back at that time when I was freaking out and say to myself “I don’t even know why I felt that way.”
  2. You are your own enemy. No. 1 and this one go hand in hand. I am a firm believer that we can do everything we set our minds to. If we do not do something it is because we stop ourselves, not because someone else does.
  3. Change is ALWAYS good. Don’t believe me? read my other posts.
  4. Moving to a different country will teach you many things, in particular, who you are.
  5. You have to believe in something, at least one thing. Believe it or not, I learned this one from Glee, and I cannot agree more. In order for our lives to have a purpose we have to, we MUST believe in something, and it can be anything as long as we believe in something. For example, I believe that food is amazing.
  6. It is absolutely ok to cry it out.
  7. There is nothing that a hot cup of tea can’t make better*
  8. * If the hot cup of tea can’t make anything better, a glass (or bottle) of wine will do
  10. Never, EVER, do something just to please someone else. Trust me on this one, it is never worth it. If someone tells you that you can’t wear something because it is “not accepted by society” DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM YOU WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO WEAR. If someone tells you to stop eating and go to the gym THROW A TACO TO THEIR FACE AND KEEP EATING.
  11. It is ok to be selfish; sometimes you have to put yourself first.
  12. The best love there is is self-love. *cough* check out my blog post on learning to love myself
  13. Some days just the smallest things count the most. For me this is, taking a shower after a long day, or taking a nap when I am super duper tired, or eating when I am hungry, seeing my family and friends after a long time. Eating Dominican cake, or eating tostones and salami.
  14. “A certain darkness is needed to see the stars”
  15. It costs NOTHING to be nice. I understand that we have those days that we hate everything, but simply saying “thank you” won’t make our days worse.
  17. It does not matter how many times in a year I clean out my closet, it will always be full. how?!?!
  18. You will have the best conversations with your parents. (well, at least I do)
  19. Getting a job because they pay well is not worth it. In the end, you will start even hating yourself for getting a job that you don’t like.
  20. In a society that tries so hard to change you, you have to stay true to yourself.
  21. There is no place like home.

and last but not least, my favorite thing that I have learned so far is:

IMG_870922. Como come el mulo caga el culo.

And that is it!!! I have learned waaaaaaayyyyy more things but to be honest, it was really hard to come up with a list of 22. (oh my goodness it is going to be so hard to come up with 23 for next year)





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