IMG_7926My hair has been with me for 22 years, I believe we are pretty close. Nowadays, a lot of people tend to compliment my hair (I mean, thank you I grew it myself), but this has not always been the case. We (my hair and me) have been through a lot, and by a lot, I mean hot weather, cold weather, heartbreak, stress, elevator pitches, hair treatments, and a lot of wine. We have been through so much that I don’t even know how it is as fabulous as it is now! that is a lie, I know how it has gotten to what it is today and I will share with you how I keep my hair on my head. (Get ready to see pics of a younger Virginia, you are going to love it)

bb virginiaLike I have mentioned in a few blog posts I am from a country where people care a LOT about how everyone looks. Having curly hair was frowned upon as it was seen as “pelo malo.” So, since I was born with curly hair, my mother used products to keep my hair as straight as possible. However, my hair was so curly naturally that it didn’t matter the amount of straightening products that I used, it was still curly. (It is amazing how my hair was as stubborn as I am)bb virginia 2



But, there was a product that changed it all (literally). I don’t remember how old I was when I got it done, probably 13 or 14. My mother had heard about Brazilian Keratin and how it straightened even the curliest of curls, so I got it done. The first two months were A DREAM. I still had a lot of hair and it was easy to manage. However, as the months passed, my hair started to fall out IN CLUMPS and it looked damaged A F. After what we thought was the most amazing thing ever, I had to cut my hair four times in a month, do treatments every week, and use as less heat as possible.


During that time I changed of hair stylist like three times until I went to see my savior. IMG_0640She was my mother’s hair stylist of the time and she brought my hair back to life. I mean, LOOK AT THAT. –>

Even though my hair was better, it still had a lot of the keratin and other straightening products in it. During my time at uni, I decided to switch to natural hair products since I was going to style my own hair. Since then I mainly use Shea Moisture (which is a godsend btw). I kept my hair as healthy as I could, but I wanted to have it natural, no keratin, no nothing. So my junior IMG_8165year I decided to have it cut short.

Since then, I have not put a single straightening product in my hair, and as you can see, I have never really needed them. I still don’t use my hair curly because for me it is just too much work to keep it like that. I am a low maintenance girl, so I use it hair dried. Now, you may ask yourself “then how is her hair still healthy if she uses heat?” well my answer is ROLOS. I always, ALWAYS dry my hair with rolos and then blow dry it using a heat protectant. I also keep using natural hair products, do hair masks every two weeks and cut it every time I go back home (which tends to be two times a year). Also, I am lucky enough that my hair isn’t greasy so I only wash it once a week, which has also helped my hair a lot. (yes, I know, gross) (No, it doesn’t smell bad) (dry shampoo, have you heard of it) (this one is the best)

My advice to all of you is to learn how to style your hair on your own. I have learned a lot by researching online; what products to use, the best products for my hair type, the best brushes, and even the best hair ties. I have researched so much that I consider myself an expert (I am kidding, I just know a lot about it).

Here is how my hair looks like nowadays.


C’est tout! I hope you enjoyed reading about the history of my hair, or as I like to call it,  my hairstory.


Talk to you next week!








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