Oh boy, does time fly !

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I have had some time off which means I have been thinking about what to write next, AND since the year AND a decade passed (LIKE TF) I decided to write about that (well, mostly about time and how fast it… wait for it… flies) (hehe). Surprisingly I learned a lot in (these?) (those?) (I DON’T KNOOOOWWWWW I AM AS CONFUSED NOW AS I WAS 10 YEARS AGO) 10 years. I had high highs and very low lows but I am here to talk about it today, so lets stop rambling and once and for all get started.

But first, can we talk about Virginia at the beginning of the decade and the end (no filters, no nothing)….


ANYWAY, let’s get serious.

Looking at those two pictures side by side has made me realize how much we can change in 10 years. I started looking at pictures of me as the years passed and I didn’t see much difference until I compared the first one and the last; this made me think that we probably think that we don’t change much personally either but when we think about who we were at the begining of a decade and then at the end, we can notice that we are probably not even the same person at all.

The end of a decade made me realize how much I went through as a single human being and also everything that I went through with my family and friends, and how much I grew from it all.

This decade I learned how strong human beings can actually be when they have something to lose, and how strong you have to become when you actually lose something. I learned that in the hardest times you will know who your real friends are. I learned that friends can become family, and that not all your family members are your friends. I learned that we cannot rely on time; we shouldn’t leave things for the future because we don’t know how long of a future we have.

This decade also showed me how delicate time can be, and how precious it truly is.

I learned that we should NEVER. EVER. live in fear of what other people think of us. At the begining of the decade I was someone that cared IMMENSELY what people thought about me; I wanted to feel “approved,” that people would die to be my friends, and now I look back at that and realize that I was insecure af and didn’t believe in myself. I looked for approval in others because * I * didn’t approve of myself, and this was not only because of me but also because of the people I was “friends” with, which let me to learn that the people that actually DO love you will never put you down; they will always show you that you are amazing the way you are, with all your “flaws;” in the end, that is what makes each and one of us unique.

This decade taught me that it is a 100% ok to be silly, to let loose, to have fun, to laugh as much as you want (even more when someone tells you to stop), because you don’t know when will be the next time you’ll be as content as you are in that moment.

I learned how independent my parents ACTUALLY raised me to be.

hi stretchies!!

I learned to love myself with all my “imperfections,” I am glad I got to meet people that have shown me that having stretch marks and cellulite and acne scars are a sign that we are growing and changing and ALIVE.

This decade taught me that it is ok to cry (even though I hate to do so). Don’t be scared of showing your emotions, we are emotional beings after all, we shouldn’t be judged, or feel judged, for doing what we were created to do. (and if someone judges you for crying or calls you weak DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!! they are the weak ones and there is something seriously fucked up about them if they don’t cry)

(in the topic of crying, I learned that if you cry while doing a math problem it will most likely make you understand it, or it will make you realize that you will never do something that involves math) (in my case, it was the second one)

I learned that you should always tell, or better, show, your loved ones that you love them (I say show because I am not big on saying “I love you”) (I am more of a “did you get home safe?” “did you eat?” kind of person) (I AM A CAPRICORN), and that, in the end, you should tell your crush that you like them; they will either tell you they like you or that they don’t (which is why I never tell them, (I always wait for them to tell me) but I already talked about the fragility of time so i’m going to try to tell my current crush that I like him this decade) (lets emphasize the word TRY) (as you can tell i’m not really good with getting rejected) (Again, I am a Cap) (heh) (In all seriousness I don’t do it because I KNOW he doesn’t like me so I’m just suffering in silent🙂)

Now that I thought about everything I went through this decade, I can say that in a way I am truly grateful for it (except for sept of 2019, that month just SUCKED) (I even strained my neck, that is how much it sucked). I grew, I learned, I accepted myself, and I ate a lot of good food. I spent a lot of time with my family, got some true friends and had a blast with them, and, most importantly, learned about Henry Cavill.

Well, I think that is it! I have rambled enough!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you have a great year AND decade.



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