Hiiiiiii, how y’alll doiiiinggg????……

By now we all know that Virginia (apparently I am a Gemini now) will stop posting for a while without a reason just because. So : ) since I have had time to think (HELLOOOOO??? 3 + MONTHS IN QUARANTINE) I decided to really, deeply think about what is making me miserable (not counting that I haven’t been home for over 8 months now) and I have decided to actually change those things (well, two of them). So, (so so so so so, I am truly sorry for the way I am going to “sound” (ha ha ha) on this blog post I have not spoken english in a long time since everyone I live with only speaks español) here is a blog post about some things that I have done for me.

  1. ✨I quit my job✨

2. Lets talk about social media.

I have already talked about how long I have used social media platforms (here is a blog post) but I have not talked about how unnecessarily unhappy using them has made me; specifically Instagram. I started using Instagram as a ✨creative outlet✨ and, at first it was. However, (uuhhh fancy fancy) as I used it more and more I started caring more about how many people liked my pics and followed me. That had been the case for over 8 years.

We, human beings, care (sadly) too much (pathetic) about what other people think about us. It got to the point where I would literally get anxious about posting a picture thinking “what if I don’t get X amount of likes” or “what if I lose followers” or “what if this is not the right time to post.” I stopped posting pictures of nature or buildings or the sky because they didn’t get as many likes as my other pictures did; I stopped using it to be creative; I stopped having fun. This literally messed me up SO MUCH (well, not really, just a bit). So I decided to change this.

One day during one of my ✨overthinking afternoons✨ I decided to deleted all the followers I didn’t know (and the ones that I just didn’t want following me) from my Instagram and made my account private 🙂 (well, actually, I had been thinking about doing that for more than a year; it wasn’t something that happened on the spur of the moment). To be honest, I hadn’t been as excited as I was in that exact moment for a while. For the first time in 8 years I feel like a living being and not an ego-centrical maniac that only cares about likes !!!!! (but in all seriousness it feels like a very heavy weight (that I put on my own shoulders) has been lifted)

I also decided to do this because I realized that anyone could see what I was doing, or where I was when I posted a story or post🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 (this is something that surprised me that I didn’t think about before because I am always paranoid about someone jumping me, but I would post that I was in a park in New York with a friend talking about how chai lattes are better in NY than in NJ ) (BIG clown energy)

What I am trying to convey in this blog post is that if something is making you unhappy, or has been making you unhappy for a while, and you’re scared to change it for whatever reason, stop and ask yourself “is that thing that big of a deal for it to control my happiness?” “is this even worth it?” “do I actually want all these strangers following me on a social media platform????????????????????????????????????????”

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that maybe I made you think about changing something that makes you unhappy for no reason!!!

Talk to you next time!!!

Don’t miss me too much!!!

(This blog post is kind of 🤮like🤮 an oxymoron because I am talking about going more private on my Instagram while posting it publicly here🤡🤡🤡) (We stan a contradicting queen)

(What the actual heck is this new WordPress update ???)

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  1. mary says:

    wow love it


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