Diary Entry 5: the end of 2020 (or is it?)

As “Spotify wrapped” time has arrived it finally hit me that the year is almost over. This year truly did fly by, and a lot of things happened, but you know what didn’t? (*drum roll please*) A CATCH-UP BLOG!!!!!!!!! so it is time I give you one because I like writing these (and because the last blog post was *very sad* *very emotional* *not how we truly are 24/7*)

Should I catch you up on what I did during quarantine? (yes, here is a summary) (if you said no, sorry). I ate pasta almost everyday and gained like 5 pounds *just* from eating pasta. My gusband and I broke our video-chat record and talked over 12 hours in just one day. I did a lot of online shopping (hehe) (are we surprised tho? no we are not) ummmm, I did do two closet clean-outs (still wasn’t enough). I think that pretty much summarizes that time, I honestly only played Animal Crossing all day and ate pasta in between.

As I stated on my last blog post, I moved back home!! finally!!! right???!!! I no longer have to wait for my father to send me a text message saying “Sabes qué, por qué no vienes por unos días?” I finally get to eat tostones every single day, see my best friends, eat tostones every single day, be with my father and my youngest brother, eat tostones every single day, go to my favorite places without a time limit, and eat tostones every single day.

I cut my hair!! (but you already saw that on my last blog post, didn’t you?)

I got two of my wisdom teeth removed and almost died! YAAAAAYYYY!!! (wish I was kidding 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂)

I adopted a KITTEN!!!!! BIIIITCHHH IM A MOTHER! (who would have thought that I would be a mother before turning 25? not me, to be quite honest) his name is Callisto (like the moon) (cute right??🥰🥰🥰) and in two days he has become the light of my life. my everything. my owner. the only thing I think about. my pride and joy. the reason I wake up (literally because I have to feed him).

And, the moment you have been waiting for, my bitmoji is still as adorable as ever. (but you already knew that)

Let’s be real; this year has been a HARD one; it has been full of excruciatingly painful moments, anxiety-filled moments, and to be honest, it has felt that nothing good was/is ever going to happen. However, this year has proven that (insert cliché) even in the darkest of times there is light (*crickets*). This year has taught me how cruel some people can be and how empathetic others are. It has shown me who I can count on in the most challenging times and how others show their true colors when under pressure. This year has shown me that it is the simplest things that *actually* do make me content. It has taught me that if someone makes you feel bad, it doesn’t matter who they are, you shouldn’t keep them in your life just because you love them (its all about the ✨energy✨ gurl). 

I hope you enjoyed this catch up blog as much as I enjoyed writing it!

until next time!

Calli says bye.


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