Welcome to my blog!!

hmm a little bit about myself ….

Well, my name is Virginia Rodriguez, and I am from the Dominican Republic. I speak Spanish, English and French. I love art. I play the piano, (well, heh, I know how to play it but stopped playing it) the guitar (LIES only took like three classes) and the flute (I even made one out of bamboo) (are you impressed? neither am I).

I LOVE traveling. I have been to Brasil, Panama, Miami, Orlando, Boston, New Jersey, California, New York, D.C, Chicago, Atlanta, and every city and province from the Dominican Republic (isn’t she just oh! so cocky). I love learning what makes each culture unique (I love learning overall) (well, I actually just like knowing EVERYTHING, which is why I studied Journalism).

Fun Fact: I’ve been to all the aquariums of the cities that I have visited.

As you can tell, I just love going on and on sometimes, this should have been a small introduction about myself and I made a whole blog post about it. But, since I am not done, here are some things about me you should know before getting yourself trapped in what I call my “personal blog.”

  • I can be sarcastic (sometimes, not all the time) (at all)

  • I am witty and very funny (if I do say so myself)
  • I am an extremely anxious animal.
  • I L O O O O V E wine!!!!!!
  • Sometimes I ramble (only sometimes, not all the time)
  • I can also be annoying (but, just a little bit) (not a lot)