DIARY ENTRY 6: some things I learned at 24

Hi friends! Since I am turning *horror music* 25 TOMORROW, (πŸ₯²πŸ₯²) I have decided to share some things I have learned in the past two years (since I did a list of 22 things I learned at 22) (emphasis on the some because there is no way I can come up with 24 things) (IContinue reading “DIARY ENTRY 6: some things I learned at 24”

Diary Entry 5: the end of 2020 (or is it?)

As “Spotify wrapped” time has arrived it finally hit me that the year is almost over. This year truly did fly by, and a lot of things happened, but you know what didn’t? (*drum roll please*) A CATCH-UP BLOG!!!!!!!!! so it is time I give you one because I like writing these (and because theContinue reading “Diary Entry 5: the end of 2020 (or is it?)”


Hiiiiiii, how y’alll doiiiinggg????…… By now we all know that Virginia (apparently I am a Gemini now) will stop posting for a while without a reason just because. So : ) since I have had time to think (HELLOOOOO??? 3 + MONTHS IN QUARANTINE) I decided to really, deeply think about what is making meContinue reading “DIARY ENTRY 3: CH CH CH CH CHANGES”