Growing up I did not want anything more than leaving home and moving to, you guessed it, NEW YORK CITY. I guess what made me * think * that I wanted this was the fact that I was a rebellious teen. Like I mentioned on my college journey blog post, I wanted to leave theContinue reading “HOW I DEAL/DEALT WITH HOMESICKNESS”


Bodysuit (similar) Skirt (similar) Kimono (similar) Shoes   Click here to see pictures and a video about our second day in Chicago!

Fall Break in Chicago. DAY 2

The second day that we were in Chicago we decided to go to the aquarium. If you have read some of my older posts you know how crazy I am about aquariums and how I love visiting the aquariums in each city I go to.Β  For brunch, we went to Bohemian House; a beautiful restaurant,Continue reading “Fall Break in Chicago. DAY 2”

What I Do in 30 mins With My Brother

We had the opportunity to do a short and fun video for my Photo and Video class, so obviously I decided to annoy my brother and film him. Here are some pictures of the 30 mins we spent together and a short video. Talk about Key and Peele.Β My brother recently started watching Key & Peele,Continue reading “What I Do in 30 mins With My Brother”