Growing up I did not want anything more than leaving home and moving to, you guessed it, NEW YORK CITY. I guess what made me * think * that I wanted this was the fact that I was a rebellious teen. Like I mentioned on my college journey blog post, I wanted to leave theContinue reading “HOW I DEAL/DEALT WITH HOMESICKNESS”


Well, hello there         This week I thought of sharing 22 things that I have learned in the 22 years that I have lived on this earth. I thought that it would be perfect to share this list now because I am well into my 22 years of age, (and because IContinue reading “22 THINGS THAT I HAVE LEARNED AT 22”

Let’s Catch Up! pt. 2

Well, hello there, or should I say, salut mesย amis! I am back for another catch-up session! I am finally done with this semester! (well, almost. Truth is, it is currently finals week and I am writing this blog because I do not want to work on my projects) Anyways… I wanted to talk to youContinue reading “Let’s Catch Up! pt. 2”

Last Goodbye

We laughed, we stressed about elevator pitches, and we ate pie, it is that time of the semester when I have to say goodbye to another amazing Journalism class.*sniff sniff* So, of course, we have to go back and reminisce about all the amazing things I learned this semester. I learned about entrepreneurial journalism. To learnContinue reading “Last Goodbye”

What is My Magic Power?

For a class assignment we had to think about our magic power; what makes us unique and stand out, which for me it is really hard to think about because I do not really think about what makes me stand out (who am I kidding, I only think about myself) (LOL) (jk). Anyways, this isContinue reading “What is My Magic Power?”

Freelancing; Is it right for me or nah?

For this week’s journalism class I had to read “Freelancing as Entrepreneurship and Consulting as Business Models” from “Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” This chapter talks about freelancing and a little bitย of everything that one has to do in order to be a freelancer. In this blog post, I will talk about If I would likeContinue reading “Freelancing; Is it right for me or nah?”

Elevator Pitches; They are Only Fun When You Watch Them on TV

Hello, everyone, my name is Virginia, and today I am going to talk to you about my experience with elevator pitches (lol). So, I had to make an elevator pitch for my capstone class, and boy was it fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not really). In the next blog, I am going to talk about my experience in developing, deliveringContinue reading “Elevator Pitches; They are Only Fun When You Watch Them on TV”

Creating a Succesful Business in College

For this week’s blog, I looked into an interesting post on Business Insider called “16 Great Startups College Students Are Working On Right Now,” this is an article about 16 students that have started working on a business in school. In this blog, I will discuss why two of the 16 seem like good ideasContinue reading “Creating a Succesful Business in College”

Does the Lean Start-Up Really Change Everything?

Starting a new business always has 50/50 chance to succeed; it either does or it does not. For this blog post, I read “Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything” by Steve Blank from the Harvard Business Review. In this post, I will comment on what resonated with me after reading it and how does theContinue reading “Does the Lean Start-Up Really Change Everything?”