Growing up I did not want anything more than leaving home and moving to, you guessed it, NEW YORK CITY. I guess what made me * think * that I wanted this was the fact that I was a rebellious teen. Like I mentioned on my college journey blog post, I wanted to leave theContinue reading “HOW I DEAL/DEALT WITH HOMESICKNESS”

What I Like to Wear to Job Interviews

Oh! Job interviews, how fun areΒ they, right? I still remember as if it were yesterday that I had my first job interview. It was in a modeling agency called “Develop Model Management” in Omaha, Nebraska. I was super nervous, not because it was my first job interview, but because I did not know what toContinue reading “What I Like to Wear to Job Interviews”

How to Study for Finals With Five Tips

Finals are in the near future; you can feel the anxiety forming inside of you, you can predict all the nights that you will not sleep, and think of all the stress of cramming everything you did not learn from the past months. The struggle is real. However, as hard, depressing and stressful taking examsContinue reading “How to Study for Finals With Five Tips”