Since it is finally getting cooler, I thought it would be fitting to put together a fall shopping list for all of you! (short and sweet, huh?) Top Printed T-shirt  Turtleneck Flannel Shirt Sweaters & Outerwear Wilfred Free Lolan Sweater Denim Jacket Leather Jacket Pants Pleated Culottes Flared Corduroy Pants Ankle-length pants Dresses Plush DressContinue reading “FALL SHOPPING LIST”

Is This The End?

Now that the term has come to an end, I reflect and think of what I learned and liked from this class. From measuring to talking about cyber-bullying, I have learned a lot about social media. I have come up with a list of five things that I found interesting and/or helpful and that I willContinue reading “Is This The End?”

How to use social media successfully

Humane Society is a company that takes care of animals who do not have a home, and it helps to introduce the animals to their new loving family. Their mission is great, and with that comes an amazing social media to back it up. In class, we learned about Humane Society’s social media with Elizabeth Hilpipre.Continue reading “How to use social media successfully”

Oh, Instagram I Love You So

I LOVE INSTAGRAM. I love this platform because it is a way of sharing how creative we are. You can share pictures, designs, videos, and a lot more cool things. I also like it because I can follow all of my favorite fashion bloggers and see all their pictures in just one place; I canContinue reading “Oh, Instagram I Love You So”

Why is measurement good?

Before this class, I knew nothing about measurements. I find it really interesting how we can make a plan to improve our social media. After our talk with Randa Zalman of Redstone and Austin Gaule from Universal Information Services, I learned a lot about the importance of measurement and how good it is. I will talk aboutContinue reading “Why is measurement good?”

Has Social Media Changed Me Into a Different Person?

Oh, it feels so good to be back.  I can say that I am really involved with social media. It all started when I was about 11 or 12 years old and all my friends began to use social media. At the beginning, we all used a social network called hi5; even though I usedContinue reading “Has Social Media Changed Me Into a Different Person?”

5 things I learned/loved about you…

Now that the term has come to an end, I reflect and think of what I learned and liked from this class. I have come up with a list of five things that I found interesting and helpful and that I will use to change the world around me and myself as well. Do not beContinue reading “5 things I learned/loved about you…”

Could I ever live without you?

Living in a time where people are so immersed in the digital world can have its disadvantages. The majority of people are always on their phones catching up, and looking for new things. While this can be entertaining, having to do this many times a day can be tiring. My father asked me one time ifContinue reading “Could I ever live without you?”

What I Think of The Media

Welcome to my blog! My name is Virginia Rodriguez, I am twenty-years-old and I am from the Dominican Republic. I am currently a sophomore at Creighton University, and my major is Journalism, with the hopes of one day to work in a fashion magazine. I am taking the Introduction to Mass Communication Technology class becauseContinue reading “What I Think of The Media”