Since summer is finally over (YEEEEEESSSS!!!!!) I thought it would be fitting to talk to you guys about something I love doing; WATCHING MOVIES. I have always loved going to the movies; fresh popcorn, bubbly sodas, a great selection of sweets, and huge screens. However, when I started going to uni I didn’t have asContinue reading “A SUMMER FULL OF MOVIES”


Que es lo que hay ? I AM HOOOOOOOMMMEEEEEEE. I am currently laying on my bed writing this post on my phone because I didn’t bring my computer on this trip (big mistake) (HUGE MISTAKE). Today is my last day here, and though I am sad that I am leaving, I am happy and gratefulContinue reading “HOME FOR A FEW DAYS”

What I Do in 30 mins With My Brother

We had the opportunity to do a short and fun video for my Photo and Video class, so obviously I decided to annoy my brother and film him. Here are some pictures of the 30 mins we spent together and a short video. Talk about Key and Peele.Β My brother recently started watching Key & Peele,Continue reading “What I Do in 30 mins With My Brother”

“Did you hear that on the radio?”

I remember being 10 or 11 years old and getting fascinated and excited when someone told me something new, something that I did not know; news. My love for learning new things and knowing what is happening has grown since then. Now I am Journalism major at Creighton University and I cannot feel happier aboutContinue reading ““Did you hear that on the radio?””