Oh boy, does time fly ! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I have had some time off which means I have been thinking about what to write next, AND since the year AND a decade passed (LIKE TF) I decided to write about that (well, mostly about time and how fast it… wait forContinue reading “DIARY ENTRY 2: THE END OF A DECADE”


Que es lo que hay ? I AM HOOOOOOOMMMEEEEEEE. I am currently laying on my bed writing this post on my phone because I didn’t bring my computer on this trip (big mistake) (HUGE MISTAKE). Today is my last day here, and though I am sad that I am leaving, I am happy and gratefulContinue reading “HOME FOR A FEW DAYS”


*DISCLAIMER* COMPARED TO MY OTHER BLOG POSTS THIS IS A LONG ONE (BUT STILL WITTY) (xoxo) To be honest, I did not want to go to college, and I decided to go because my parents wanted me to. Hearing my friends and classmates talking about how excited they were of going to college did notContinue reading “MY COLLEGE JOURNEY & EXPERIENCE”


Jacket (similar) Top (similar) Skirt Shoes

Fall Break in Chicago. DAY 1

Hello, hello, hello. For Fall break this year I got the opportunity to go to Chicago with my best friend, my brother and my aunt, and boy did we have fun. We got to explore, drink, eat good food, and most importantly, spend time together as a weird little family. In this blog post, IContinue reading “Fall Break in Chicago. DAY 1”

How to be a Succesful Entrepreneurial Journalist

I AM BACK WOOHOO!! For this week’s blog, we had to read a short piece by Carlo de Marchis, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at deltatre and media strategist, about the changes in the media landscape that affect all of us today. It talks about how media has changed over the past few years and how it isContinue reading “How to be a Succesful Entrepreneurial Journalist”

“So hmm…”

I remember when I was in middle school and my friends and I could not wait for the weekend. To go out to the movie theaters, to the game arcade or to one of our homes to bake some cupcakes and brownies. As we transitioned to high school we would still long for the oh,Continue reading ““So hmm…””

Could I ever live without you?

Living in a time where people are so immersed in the digital world can have its disadvantages. The majority of people are always on their phones catching up, and looking for new things. While this can be entertaining, having to do this many times a day can be tiring. My father asked me one time ifContinue reading “Could I ever live without you?”

What I Think of The Media

Welcome to my blog! My name is Virginia Rodriguez, I am twenty-years-old and I am from the Dominican Republic. I am currently a sophomore at Creighton University, and my major is Journalism, with the hopes of one day to work in a fashion magazine. I am taking the Introduction to Mass Communication Technology class becauseContinue reading “What I Think of The Media”