What I Like to Wear to Job Interviews

Oh! Job interviews, how fun are they, right? I still remember as if it were yesterday that I had my first job interview. It was in a modeling agency called “Develop Model Management” in Omaha, Nebraska. I was super nervous, not because it was my first job interview, but because I did not know what to wear.

I spent hours and hours the day before my interview looking in my closet what I could wear and I thought “Why don’t I look for something online? I will probably find something since everything is online! ” and that’s what I did, but I did not find much; most of the things that I found didn’t help at all or didn’t go with my style or the outfits were very boring. That’s why I decided to write this blog for you. Here is a list of how to dress up and prepare yourself for a fashion job interview and some outfits that I would wear.

  1. IMG_7040Knowing what makes you feel comfortable and safe. I love the color black and yellow and I feel myself when I use them, so I knew I would wear something black or something yellow for my interview.  Also, it is important to measure your clothes ahead of time because that way you know if it fits you well or if you have to buy something. DO NOT PUT ON SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU.
  2. Take out the outfit a day before the interview. It is very important to know what outfit you will wear for your job interview ahead of time because this way when you have to get ready for your interview you won’t have to stress because you don’t know what you will wear. (I like to put my outfits together the night before)IMG_5820
  3. Dominate that interview! You already have your outfit and you know that you look good. There is nothing that makes an employer want you more than seeing you confident and comfortable. I know this works because a few days ago my boss told me that she knew that she would give me the job from the moment I walked in the agency because of how I was dressed and my security.

And those are my tips on how to get ready for an interview! Here are three outfits that I would wear for a fashion job interview.

Outfit 1:





Outfit 2:




Outfit 3:





DISCLAIMER: for fashion jobs, one can dress freer than for other jobs.

And that’s all I have to say! I hope these tips work. If you have any questions you can leave them in the comment section and I will answer them!

Until next time!


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